Client Testimonials

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What a terrific person you are! Best realtor in the USA, by far. You made selling our house such a pleasure and so easy. Our house was on the market only a short 16 days!

You know my wife, Joan, has not been well during the past several months. It was a relief having you as our realtor – you made everything so simple during this difficult period in our personal life. You are efficient, completely honest and a very competent young lady. Joan and I consider you the BEST realtor we have ever known. During our 53 years of marriage we have worked with four different relator’s, you are at the top of our list as BEST Realtor ever! You can be sure everyone who knows us will hear these words of praise. We will also will tell all our friends in Villa Rosa about your excellent service, professional and honest manner of operating. Our best to you always. Bless you and thank you again.

Bob & Joan Labriola, Sarasota, December 2014

Thank you, Gabi. When we picked you for our Real Estate Agent, I immediately knew it was the right decision! Karen and I reached the same conclusion at the same time. It was like magic! And magic it was!

We both appreciate very much your hard work, your diligence, patience, skill and most of all your friendship.

Hope to see you next year and celebrate with a glass of champagne – and good health – Say hi to Bruce!

Oscar and Karen Martinez, Siesta Key, November 2014

I’ve worked with other local firms in the past so I can say with certainty, that Gabriele Charity and the team at Charity & Weiss International Realty are incomparable. Beyond being incredibly effective at transacting our asset, working with Charity & Weiss created an absolutely superlative selling experience.

Connor Van Elswyk, Sarasota, August 2014

Sehr geehrte Frau Angela Hofmann,

es ist mir ein Bedürfnis, Ihnen nach meinem Wohnungskauf in Sarasota herzlich für Ihr Engagement zu danken.

Ihre Betreuung und Beratung waren vorbildlich ! Ihre Hinweise und Tips in der Verhandlungs- und Abschlußphase waren hilfreich und nützlich.

Ich kann und werde Sie aus Überzeugung persönlich und fachlich weiterempfehlen.

Mit freundlichen Grüssen

G. D., Sarasota, Juli 2014

Our experience with Gabi was fantastic.

She represented the seller for a house we recently purchased in the Turtle Rock area, but we felt that she had our best interest at heart as well.

She was very attentive and honest and made herself available for any questions we had about the house or the process. She made the entire experience very easy and we were able to close quickly. She would be the first person I would call to buy or sell a home again and I highly recommend her, you will not be sorry

Doug & Sandy McClain, Sarasota, April 2014

Dear Rudi and Gabi,

thank you both for making our buying experience so seamless.

We love our new home and look forward to when we can have you both over to enjoy the view!

Kerry & David B., Bradenton, March 2014

Dear Rudi,

Many, many thanks for all your efforts on my behalf in achieving the sale of my property in a miraculously short time. I am so very grateful and so very impressed and additionally thank you for taking the trouble to sell my furniture.I am thrilled to secure the unexpected cheque.

All the best to you and your wonderful team at Charity & Weiss. Please also thank Silke for her endless support and patience.

Susan, Sarasota 2014

Thanks Jennifer. I’ve let the buyer know that you are being incredible through all this. You have been an absolute joy to work with.
Tony B, September 2013

Hi Jen, I’m so in love with house! Almost all unpacked. Just have a few things left.

Thank you so much for all of your help and hard work. We couldn’t have done it without you! You’ll have to come by soon.
Andrea O, September 2013


Good job, Jennifer!! I am impressed with the manner in which you do business.

Darrel M., July 2013

Hey Jennifer,

Thank you so much for everything, we really appreciate everything you’ve done for us!

Michael C , Mai 2013

Im Frühjahr 2013 haben wir den Entschluss gefasst, ein Haus in Florida zu erwerben. Auf Empfehlung eines Freundes haben wir uns telefonisch an Frau Angela Hofmann gewendet. Für sie sprach zunächst nur, dass sie deutschsprachig ist und unsere Freunde mit ihrem Service sehr zufrieden waren.

Was wir nach dem Erstkontakt dann an Betreuung erfahren haben, übertraf unsere Erwartungen erheblich. Besonders gefallen hat uns die individuelle Beratung. Das zeigte sich schon in der Auswahl des Standortes und der Objekte, die wir besichtigt haben. Es war deutlich zu spüren, dass Frau Hofmann uns zugehört (!!!!) und unsere Kaufkriterien umfänglich berücksichtigt hatte. Sie hat uns nie ein Objekt “schön geredet” sondern immer neben den Vorteilen einer Immobilie auch auf deren Nachteile und Risiken hingewiesen.

Ostern 2013 sind wir dann nach Sarasota gereist um die Objekte besichtigen. Die Betreuung während dieser Zeit war perfekt! Unsere Unterkunft, die Besichtigungstermine und selbst unsere Freizeitgestaltung waren hervorragend organisiert. Am Ende waren wir überzeugt, für unsere Familie das richtige Haus und mit Sarasota auch den richtigen Standort gefunden zu haben.

Ein kompletter und ständig aktualisierter Überblick über vergleichbare Transaktionen und die dabei vereinbarten Konditionen lieferten uns das sichere Gefühl, auch aus wirtschaftlicher Sicht, eine sehr gute Entscheidung getroffen zu haben. Wir haben sie auch bis heute nicht eine Minute bereut.

Hierfür sind wir Frau Hofmann sehr dankbar!

Familie S., Sarasota, 2013

Dear Gabi,

Dan and I would like to thank you for guiding us through the mysterious, at times humorous, roller-coaster ride of “condo-buying” in Florida. That you never waivered, lost your patience with us crazy Ohioans, or outwardly rolled your eyes at our redundant questions or our relentless need for reassurances indeed earns you a star in your real estate crown. (I do suspect your crown holds many…)

We will surely steer our friends and family who will visit “our place” and fall in love with “Paradise” to you as an assuredly expert, and genuinely caring, and downright friendly real estate specialist!

With much gratitude,
Gail and Dan Brown

Thanks so much for helping us find our lovely home. We appreciate all of your hard work and due diligence!
We are so happy in our new home!
All the best – Jessica & Michael Rogers

Gabrielle Charity is that rare combination of knowledgeable professional realtor and warm, caring friend. She not only helped us find our new home, she educated us about the area, and walked us through the entire process of the home purchase. A year later, we are happily settled in and Gabrielle is among our dearest friends.
Bob & Mary Piereth, Siesta Key

Dear Gabi –
Thank you so much for all of your help! The condo that you helped us find is absolutely perfect for us!
I have to smile when I think back and remember how efficiently and tirelessly you worked to help meet our very specific and unique requirements. You really listened closely to our reactions to each property we looked at and used that information to help us narrow the possibilities down very quickly to a select few. You were absolutely dedicated to helping us find the right home for us.
I’ve also never worked with a real estate agent who didn’t try to convince me to spend just a “little” more than I had planned. You never once tried to “up-sell” us.
Most impressive though was the support you provided to us after we signed the sales contract. You knew, better than we did, that because of the contingencies that we needed to include that there would be bumps in the road enroute to our closing. You continued to provide us with incredibly valuable support throughout that whole process. Since we were living out of state at the time, we never could have navigated through all of the issues that arose and have successfully completed this sale without your assistance.
So, again, thank you very much!
Marilyn Kneafsey, Cincinnati/Sarasota

Gabi Charity is the only real estate agent I will use in Sarasota. Not only is she delightful and smart, she is honest and forthright. I never feel like I am being “sold” or “persuaded” in any way. In a market that is full of promotional hype, it is nice to get solid advice that is exactly for me and my goals and objectives.
Charity & Weiss have been my real estate firm for years. Both for renting and selling, they are completely professional and knowledgeable. I would never use any other firm. Gabi Charity is a delight to work with. It says a lot when business relationships become friendships.
Working with her is a pleasure as she is knowledgeable and matter of fact. I highly recommend Charity & Weiss for any real estate need you may have.
I can’t stand the hype that so many real estate agents bring to their job. Don’t sell me, serve me, educate me and help me make the best decisions for me. Gabi Charity does just that, which is why she will always be the real estate agent I use. End of story.
David Houle, Futurist, Chicago/Sarasota

The Offices of Charity & Weiss are the best for all our property needs; be it buying, selling, renting and/or managing our properties. Could not work with a more competent and delightful group!
Victoria Baum, Chicago/Sarasota